Web Visibility Services

Let us help you “Tell your story on the Web”

Atlas Web Visibility Services for Special Collections, Archives, and Historical Societies

Linked Data is changing the landscape for archives, special collections, historical societies, and museums. According to Linked Data for Libraries (LD4L), “Linked Data is a publishing paradigm for making data and not just human-readable documents fully accessible and inter-linkable anywhere on the Internet.”

With Linked Data, you can expose your unique treasures to the Web, deliver better service to researchers, and increase the use of your valuable resources.  It merely comes down to Visibility, Connections, and Fulfillment. 

But first, your collections need to be made “viewable” by the Web. Atlas Systems can help you transform your archival descriptions (MARC, EAD, and other formats) into Linked Data so your collections and their content are discoverable on the Web. Through our partnership with Zepheira, we can help you share the treasures and achieve your discovery goals. In addition, we can provide you with enrichment tools to enhance searching of your collections from your local Link Graph.

We are already performing MARC transformations from special collections and archives and have started the process of building a transformation pipeline for EAD with our Zepheira partners.  And, best of all it’s a simple process.

  • Upload an exported XML file of your MARC data

  • Review the initial transformation for accuracy

  • Upon satisfactory transformation, you data will be posted on your Library.Link Graph. (Learn more about Library.Link at http://library.link/)

  • Then repeat monthly to provide updated information and to retain currency of your data.

That’s it. 

Are you ready to get started?  Learn more about Atlas Web Visibility Services in the following video.  For more information about Atlas Web Visibility Services, contact Dan Specht at webvisibility@atlas-sys.com