ELUNA 2019

by Kerry Keegan, Training & Library Solutions Consultant

For the first time, Atlas Systems partnered with Ex Libris as a gold sponsor of the ELUNA 2019 Meeting, held in Atlanta, Georgia, from April 30-May 3. It was a delight to catch up with so many customers and friends, and I got the sweetest welcoming hug from the meeting’s Sponsor Liaison /Library Director of Molloy College, Judy Drescher. (I ❤our library family!) 


Atlas’s Dustin Stokes collaborated with Allen Jones from the New School to present “Delivery in Discovery: Embedding Ares and ILLiad into Primo.” The duo generated lots of crowd buzz with demonstrations and best practices for combining these powerful tools. 


A big thanks to everyone who stopped by our sponsor table. We were thrilled to see so many familiar faces and loved sharing the new Ares Roadmap.

OCLC Resource Sharing Conference

by Genie Powell, Director of Special Projects

We were delighted to spend several days with our community during the OCLC Resource Sharing Conference in Jacksonville, Florida! This year was particularly exciting as this was the first conference after OCLC's announcement that ILLiad support would continue.

We saw so many of our beloved licensees at the Ask Atlas table. It was great to catch up as well as do some ad hoc troubleshooting.

Atlas staff collaborated on several presentations. Dustin Stokes worked with Krista Higham from Millersville University to talk about their OpenAthens authentication. Matt Calsada and Stephanie Spires answered many questions about the ReprintsDesk project with Florida State University. There was a lot of excitement about all the new development work underway.

Matt Calsada and Stephanie Spires - Photo by Cassandra Norman

Matt Calsada and Stephanie Spires - Photo by Cassandra Norman

One of my favorite times was getting together with some of our Concierge Service customers over dinner on Wednesday night. It's so great to be able to slide between technical chatter and sharing about our families, hobbies, and favorite books. We feel like dear friends by the time dessert arrived. I laughed so hard I cried, and my sides hurt!

Concierge Dinner - Photo by Cassandra Norman

Concierge Dinner - Photo by Cassandra Norman

We finished up the conference with an Atlas Update for everyone. We congratulated everyone on 40 years of resource sharing as well as specifically recognized some of our oldest ILLiad customers like James Madison University and Cornell University.

Matt Calsada and Stephanie Spires - Atlas Update. Photo by Cassandra Norman

Matt Calsada and Stephanie Spires - Atlas Update. Photo by Cassandra Norman

We were pleased to share the ILLiad roadmap with everyone. It's a new level of transparency and collaboration, with details, timelines, and requests for feedback from users. After so much uncertainty about ILLiad's future previously, it was reassuring and exciting for users to see so many new features in the coming months.

I can't wait to see everyone at ALA Annual in the coming months and hope to see many more ILLiad users at the next OCLC Resource Sharing conference in 2020.

ALA Midwinter 2019

by John Brunswick, Business Development Representative

Well, another new year has barely started, and already another ALA Midwinter Meeting is behind us. Many Atlas staff made the trek across the country to Seattle, including yours truly.  As always, we were busy from the moment we touched down at Sea-Tac Airport, attending meetings, talking to customers, and keeping current with developments in the field of librarianship.  

Friday evening was for walking the exhibits and seeing old friends and colleagues.  Saturday morning got off to an early start with the RUSA STARS All Committee Meeting, followed closely by the RUSA STARS ILL discussion Group. Then it was off to our “Office Hours” at the Tap House Grill. 


For the past several Midwinter Meetings we escaped the booth and invited our customers and friends to visit with us offsite. At Midwinter, no booth equals more quality time with our customers, and we weren’t disappointed.  It didn’t hurt that there were great appetizers and 160 beers on tap! Lots of folks came and went from noon till five as we discussed ILLiad, Aeon, Ares and, in many cases, life in general. It was indeed an enjoyable time and we look forward to repeating it soon.


Sunday started somewhat slower, with various meetings and visits to the exhibits.  However, things picked up at 4:30 in the afternoon with the OCLC Resource Sharing Users Group.  Those attending were given an update on recent and upcoming changes to OCLC Delivery Services and related products, including an ILLiad update by Stephanie Spires, Chief Operations and Service Officer here at Atlas Systems.

Next up was the RUSA STARS Midwinter Meetup at the Mexican-themed restaurant Cactus.  Good conversation, food, and drink – who could ask for more?  But our time in Seattle was quickly winding down.

Up way before dawn (at least it was West Coast time) on Monday, out the door, and on the plane home. Another Midwinter Meeting, another satisfying and productive trip.  So, what’s up next?  ALA Annual in Washington of course.  Look for us there in the exhibit hall. Details will be forthcoming.  Until then we look forward to hearing from you and perhaps seeing you at one of the other events we will be attending throughout the Spring.