Visiting Shared Storage Facility for the Emory and Georgia Institute of Technology Libraries' Collections

by: Angela Mott, Team Leader

November 13th, right before the Access Services Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, I was able to tour the Library Service Center(LSC) that houses the shared collections of Emory University and Georgia Tech University libraries. 

It was an unassuming, lovely one story facility from the outside, but once inside you realize that, like the Tardis, it is bigger on the inside!


We toured the processing areas and then went on to see the stacks of high density shelving. The shelves were 32 feet high, and Chris Britt-Rogers showed us how long each aisle is by walking to the end for this photo. It's well over a 150 feet long! We spent time at the LSC talking about how implementing the Electronic Delivery Utility would save staff time and improve efficiency in ILL Lending. We also talked about getting ILLiad working with their Storage Management software. I was even able to talk with their vendor at the conference that week about it, and they are already working with our developers!

During my Atlanta visit I was also able to meet with ILL and Reserves staff at Emory and Georgia Tech to talk about ILLiad and Ares as well. Lots of ideas for enhancements, as well as being able to help answer questions they'd had about their ILLiad and Ares software. All in all, I'd say all our brains were very full by the end of our visits, and then we were able to spend the next two days at the conference learning even more. This is one of my favorite conferences, and I love having the opportunity to visit two of our valued ILLiad and Ares sites at the same time!