Dwelling in Possibility

By Genie Powell, Atlas Systems Chief Customer Officer

While in New England for some other demos and meetings, we had the opportunity to visit with our friends at Harvard’s Houghton Library. I’ve been to Harvard Square enough times now to have opinions on where to park, where to eat, and which walkway to take to the library. The campus itself has become an old friend in addition to the people in the libraries.

We met with Susan Pyzynski, Tom Hyry, Ken Peterson, and several other key people to discuss the possible addition of more libraries to their Aeon implementation as well as the integration between Aeon and ArchivesSpace, which they are going live with in the coming weeks. Susan mentioned that they implemented in September of 2010 and I had one of those moments when I couldn’t believe how time has flown. They are experts at Aeon these days, and the addition of the archives and other libraries will be simple with their help.


After our meeting in the Johnson library “green room” we were treated to a quick visit of the Emily Dickinson room. Her writing desk is tiny and unassuming but awe inspiring to see. I always learn at least one new term or phrase at each of these visits and this was no exception.

The majority of Dickinson’s collection is in forty hand-sewn manuscript books known as “fascicles”. While these books were disassembled by the original editors, you can view high resolution facsimiles of the pages in the Emily Dickinson Archive.

It was a pleasure to see our friends at Harvard and marvel at how successful they’ve been with Aeon. We share their excitement of adding new libraries to the family. As Dickinson wrote, “I dwell in Possibility”!