Atlas Systems Enhances Support with Targeted Two-Tier Customer Service




Continued growth spurs changes in support and product leadership


VIRGINIA BEACH, VA – May 7th, 2018 – Atlas Systems, the leading provider of time-saving solutions for libraries, special collections, and archives announced today a restructuring of the support team to deliver targeted customer service. The new team creates an internal partnership between customer support for first-tier problem solving and development for second-tier troubleshooting.

The new support organization will utilize a first line support team to respond to customer issues. If the first line team identifies a problem that requires greater technical knowledge the issue will be referred immediately to the second line team composed of developers. The development support team has the ability to troubleshoot down to the code level to determine where the problem is originating and to work aggressively with the customer to resolve it.

            In announcing the changes, Atlas Systems President Jason Glover said, “In the twenty years since we introduced ILLiad for resource sharing, Atlas Systems has continued to grow and expand our services to libraries and the special collections and archives community. With that growth comes the responsibility to ensure we exceed the expectations of our customers with our support and commitment to product development. Our new approach to support will ensure problems customers encounter in the use of our products will be expertly resolved by the best combination of customer support and development staff.”

The company also announced changes in product leadership to ensure the voice of the customer and the needs of the library and special collections and archives communities are reflected in product development.

            Glover described the changes in product leadership as further evolution in the company’s growth. “As we approach the end of our fiscal year, we are grateful for the trust our customers have in Atlas Systems, as evidenced by the sales growth we experience every year. To best respond to this growth we are adopting a product leadership model for the management of our specific product areas. Katie Gillespie will lead the Special Collections and Archives product lines, Kerry Keegan will take on the role for Reserves, and Stephanie Spires will serve in this capacity for ILLiad. In their product lead roles, they will provide implementation services and act as the main point of contact for a product. They will be our eyes and ears into the marketplace and our customer base and work with the development team to ensure our products respond to the needs of our customers and the market.”

            Recognizing the interest Atlas Systems customers have shown in turning to the company for help with special projects, Glover announced that Genie Powell will step into a new position as Director of Special Projects. “Genie has been with Atlas from the beginning,” Glover said. “Her experience with our products, combined with her technical knowledge, makes her uniquely suited to this role of understanding the customer needs and her ability to work within all the teams at Atlas to ensure smooth execution of these mission-critical projects.”

            According to Dan Specht, CFO and vice president of sales and marketing, FY2017-2018 was a busy year for Atlas Systems. “Even as institutions face their own budget challenges, we added six Ares customers, expanded our Aeon community with seven new institutions, grew our ArchivesSpace service with nine new hosted sites, and continue to reach more customers with Concierge for Access Services and Aeon. To help meet the needs of prospective customers we added long-time Atlas Systems’ team member John Brunswick to our marketing and sales group. In addition to doing onsite training and tune-ups as needed, John now coordinates our Ares and ArchivesSpace sales, working closely with me and Renee Chastain, Aeon Business Development Manager."


New Aeon Customers FY2017-2018

University of Iowa

University of Wisconsin Madison

University of Virginia        

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library

Northwestern University

Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries

Boston Athenaeum


For a complete list of Aeon users, visit


New Ares Customers FY2017-2018

Towson University

Morgan State University

New York University

Centennial College

Princeton University

University of Ottawa


For a complete list of Ares users, visit


New ArchivesSpace Customers FY2017-2018

University of Massachusetts

Dartmouth College

University of Tulsa

University of Southern California

Filson Historical Society

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library

Brown University John Hay Library

UNC Greensboro

University of North Georgia


For a complete list of ArchivesSpace customers, visit


New Concierge Customers FY2017-2018

University of Wisconsin Madison

Auburn University

Syracuse University

 For a complete list of who is using Concierge Services, visit


Atlas Systems will be at the ALA Annual Conference June 22-25, 2018 (Booth #3031) to discuss Ares, Aeon, ArchivesSpace, and Concierge Services.


About Atlas Systems

For more than twenty years, Atlas Systems has been exclusively dedicated to developing software, training, and consulting solutions that enable libraries to transform their user services and maximize workflow efficiency. Atlas is best known for creating the ILLiad interlibrary loan management system now distributed exclusively by OCLC and used by more than 1,100 libraries worldwide. Focused on bringing the benefits of automation to library processes that have not been addressed by other software services, Atlas has introduced Ares, an electronic reserves solution, and Aeon, an online request and workflow management system specifically designed for special collections libraries and archives. For more information, visit


Dan Specht

CFO/VP for Sales and Marketing

Atlas Systems, Inc. 

(757) 467-7872 ext. 401