Now Available from Library Journal: Atlas/Zepheira Archived Webcast on the Visible Library

On February 26, 2015 Atlas and Zepheira presented a free Library Journal webcast entitled The Visible Library. The webcast featured speakers from Worthington Libraries, Folger Shakespeare Library, and Zepheira and focused on how the Web sees libraries and how libraries can use its power to connect to their communities. The archived version of the webcast is now available for viewing.

The use of enabling technologies like Linked Data and shared vocabularies like BIBFRAME and are changing the way the Web can discover and represent libraries more fully. In this webcast you will:

  •  Learn about the current state of library Web visibility based on recent analysis from Zepheira.
  •  Learn practical steps you can take to gauge and enrich your library’s Web visibility.
  • See how others are using Web technologies to move beyond the traditional notion of libraries as a physical structure.