Features Overview

As library budgets shrink and inventories become specialized, resource sharing is critical for effectively providing items for your users. ILLiad’s robust centralized system to process, track, and analyze those requests gives your institution the research advantage.


Centralized request management and mediation

Resource sharing means finding the item from the best possible source, which may be unique to each request. ILLiad allows staff to manage requests placed through OCLC, RAPID, DOCLINE, and direct library to library requesting (ISO-ILL). Staff and users can also see all requests filled from the local inventory through document delivery in one interface.

ILL staff can also purchase materials from on-demand partners immediately including CCC, ReprintsDesk, and the British Library. Add-ons allow for quick pricing from other retailers like booksellers or publishers directly. This means you are finding the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for you and your patrons.


Business Intelligence

You can’t make informed decisions about your department without good data. ILLiad consolidates all of your resource sharing activity into one database, allowing administrators to create powerful queries to determine past performance and future direction.

ILLiad offers a robust suite of web-accessible reports for borrowing, lending, document delivery, and administrative data, based on library leadership and consortia needs. In addition, an ODBC connection to the database allows for custom reporting options for your institution. Since all ILLiad systems use the same database design, custom reports can be shared with colleagues. Your data remains yours, always accessible.


Notifications and Transparency

When users place requests, that’s just the beginning. ILLiad allows your users to keep track of the status of their request in real time through the web interface as well as receive email or SMS notifications for key steps of the process. It’s a one-stop shop for your users to know the status of their requests, regardless of the fulfillment method.

Additionally, because updates are done automatically within the system, the lending and borrowing institutions you collaborate with also have current statuses without waiting for staff to manually send updates.

Proactive and transparent statuses put everyone at ease.


Billing Management

Cooperation and reciprocation are key to the success of resource sharing. ILLiad allows lending libraries to invoice for the items filled, either through printed bills, IFM services, or EFTS. It also manages institution groups so borrowers can thoughtfully place requests with reciprocal institutions first, when possible.

Fulfillment costs can be forwarded on to users based on your institution's policies, and the workflow is seamless for those users on the web. This allows for resource sharing to have cost recovery measures that are equitable and easy to implement, all in one system.


Universally Extensible

ILLiad handles a wide variety of systems natively. It can also connect to a nearly endless number of other systems through APIs and add-ons.

Web users can view their ILLiad requests in addition to other library services within a unified dashboard created by developers using ILLiad’s inbound API integration. ILLiad also allows for NCIP integrations, so that request details are visible to end users through the catalog with accurate availability information.

The staff interface supports client and server add-ons, which can be developed by institutions and shared in the addon library.

Want to know where ILLiad is headed in the future? Check out the ILLiad Product Roadmap page.