What is ArchivesSpace?

ArchivesSpace is the next-generation web-based archives information management system, designed by archivists and supported by diverse archival repositories.

ArchivesSpace is an open source, web application for managing archives information.  The application is designed to support core functions in archives administration such as accessioning; description and arrangement of processed materials including analog, hybrid, and born-digital content; management of authorities (agents and subjects) and rights; and reference service.  Learn more about ArchivesSpace at www.archivesspace.org.


Atlas's Role in ArchivesSpace

Atlas Systems has committed to support the ArchivesSpace community as a Registered Service Provider.  In this role we will participate in the community, serving on committees and providing other services as needed.  In addition, we provide a variety of services to help ArchivesSpace users effectively and efficiently implement and run the ArchivesSpace software.

ArchivesSpace Services

Video Training Library and Documentation

Atlas has created a variety of training videos to provide step-by-step details on using the ArchivesSpace software.  In addition, the videos are backed up by a growing library of support documentation.  Atlas’s focus in the Video Training Library is to provide a simple concise program to allow a new user to quickly get up and running on the ArchivesSpace software. 

The Video Training Library is affordable for every library’s budget. Flexible pricing starts as low as just $30 a month or $299 a year, with tiered pricing available for groups. Questions about pricing? Please email training@atlas-sys.com.

Server Hosting

Whether you are new to ArchivesSpace or an active member looking for external support managing your software hosting, Atlas can help.

We have various levels of hosting, you may want to choose the one that most closely mirrors your AS operational needs.

Base Level Hosting

Base level hosting which provides a standard server for your ArchivesSpace environment.  In addition, Atlas IT staff handle all of your ongoing server and software updates and maintenance.  This is the basic setup for sites who don’t run a lot of plugins or custom coding/enhancement to ArchivesSpace.  Our server hosting is highly scalable and can grow as needed over time as your ArchivesSpace usage grows. However, we expect base level specifications will be sufficient for most users.

Enterprise Level Hosting

Enterprise level hosting steps up the base level by providing two servers – one production and one sandbox environment.  This setup is ideal for users who do a lot of custom work with ArchivesSpace, run a variety of plugins, or have other custom requirements.  The sandbox server provides a totally clean environment for testing custom configurations before putting them into production and includes additional support from Atlas IT staff to ensure backups to the sandbox and update/restore the sandbox as needed. 

All Hosted Implementations Include

  • Ongoing support and monitoring of your hosted software.
  • Prompt updates when new versions of ArchivesSpace are released.
  • Access to the ArchivesSpace Video Training Library and documentation package.
  • Phone and email support for base ArchivesSpace product features.

Implementation Services

Are you totally new to the ArchivesSpace software?  In addition to our Server Hosting, Atlas provides Implementation Services for new ArchivesSpace users.  What does our Implementation Service include?

  • A project plan and project manager to help outline and guide you through the implementation process.

  • Support from a member of our implementation team to help guide you through best practices as you setup policies for entering collections.
  • For larger sites we also provide onsite training and implementation support.

Data Conversions

Do you have data you need to import into ArchivesSpace?  Atlas can provide conversion and importing from a variety of data formats.  Conversions from Archon and Archivist’s Toolkit are the most common, but we can provide assistance with migration from other data formats.   Any data conversion includes a data review prior to the quote to let you know of any irregularities or other data issues that would need to be addressed before converting the data.