FREE Software for Electronic
Document Delivery

The Odyssey software allows sites to send and receive electronic documents to other Odyssey sites, OCLC ILLiad sites, and other vendor’s software that supports the Odyssey protocol.

Odyssey was designed with low cost, ease of use, and network security in mind. The Odyssey software is available to all libraries at no charge to add efficiency to interlibrary operations regardless of their level of activity.

Product Highlights

Odyssey Automated Test Interface

After you have installed and configured Odyssey, you can enter your Odyssey address into the tool to have it send a test document. If sending fails, suggestions for troubleshooting the problem are provided.

Odyssey Community

For help with Odyssey, turn to the Odyssey listserv.

Odyssey Features

  • Send and receive electronic documents
  • Review, insert, delete, rotate, crop and deskew images either sending or receiving
  • Automatically add coversheets to incoming or outgoing documents
  • Rescan any incorrectly scanned pages
  • Send black, grayscale, color, or a combination of formats in the same document
  • Send free text messages between Odyssey clients and reference documents for re-scanning requests
  • Manage addresses for other libraries in the address book
  • Uses standard Twain drivers
  • Utilizes a single port for ease of firewall modification and allows for IP blocking of incoming items
  • Automatic conversion of incoming files to PDF
  • Automatic posting of files to a specific file or folder
  • Automatic printing of incoming files
  • Easy importing of Odyssey settings and address book into OCLC ILLiad when upgrading
  • Send and receive documents between other Odyssey users or OCLC ILLiad sites

Training and Support

Our training and support specialists are committed to the successful implementation and ongoing use of your Atlas services. View our documentation and see all the ways we work with you to ensure you get the full value of your investment.

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