Corporate Info

Atlas Systems, Inc. is a software development company headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA dedicated to serving libraries. Founded in July 1995 with the mission of “promoting library excellence through efficiency,” Atlas is best known for creating the ILLiad interlibrary loan management system now exclusively distributed by OCLC and used by more than 1,100 libraries worldwide. Focused on bringing the benefits of automation to library processes that have not been addressed by other software services, Atlas has introduced Ares, an electronic reserves solution, and Aeon, an online request and workflow management system specifically designed for special collections libraries and archives.

Atlas takes a process-driven approach to software development. Atlas developers work closely with librarians first to understand the specific user services environment and then to design a system that improves service quality while achieving optimum efficiency and process control. Once the software has been created, Atlas provides implementation, training and ongoing product support, including continual development of new features and enhancements in response to client needs and desires. This workflow review and improvement approach to software design sets Atlas apart in the library automation market.

Vision Statement

Library Excellence through Efficiency

Mission Statement

Partner with libraries to deliver software and services that allow them to best serve their customers.

We will accomplish this by:

  • Enabling librarians to focus on their customers, not their processes
  • Making libraries visible and accessible
  • Providing libraries with information to guide their activities and communicate their value

Contact Information

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