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Working with the Browser Control: Creation and Navigation

Hey everybody!

In this post I want to go over some of the basic information on the Browser control that currently exists in the addon system. First though, it is interesting to note that originally the only control available to the addon system was the browser control. In the original system, any time you created a browser interface it automatically attached itself to a form and added that form to the form the addon was running on. Now, however, we’ve expanded the support for user interface building to include a number of other controls such as text editors, grids, drop down menus, and more. I mention this because it is important to note, for those that dealt with the original browser interface, that all of the new form functionality is completely backwards compatible. Any browser interfaces that were created in the old system can still be used as is in the new system. However, because we now consider them obsolete, I won’t be talking about them, and instead I will be focusing on the new, improved version: the Browser control. (more…)

Working with the Browser Control: Page Handlers

Welcome to part two of my five part series on working with the browser control. In this article, I want to talk about page handlers. I’m going to go briefly over what they are and what types are available, and then I will show and discuss an example of how to use them effectively. Then I will finish up by going over a couple special cases like handling AJAX page changes.

Data Access via Addons

While I was at the IDS conference last year, I had the pleasure of making a presentation on the current version of the Addons system. The session went well, but I was a little surprised by how much interest people showed in a particular topic – data access. A number of questions popped up and several tweets were sent about the data access capabilities we put into the latest release. Since there seems to be so much interest in the topic, I figured it might be an interesting topic to discuss here – and now here we are.

I would like to start by pointing out that the data access components are only included in the release – they were not part of the original addons functionality; and with that important aside out of the way, let’s dig into the data access components and see what data access options are available and then look at how we can use them.

First let’s look at the two data access options that are currently available. (more…)

Introducing the Devgineer Blog

Welcome to the inaugural post of the Atlas Devgineers blog. You may be asking, who are the Atlas Devgineers? The Devgineers is the new name for the software development team at Atlas Systems, Inc. The team consists of four members: Matt Calsada, Dustin Stokes, Travis Stokes, and Jacob Baughman. Together, the four of us handle development and maintenance of all of Atlas’ software products. You may have seen a few of us at various conferences, along with other representatives from Atlas, which we frequently attend in order to help provide information about our products.

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